Bedside Service 2.0

Today, patients bring more than their own toothbrushes with them to the hospital. They carry the entire communication system with theire mobile device. With the triApp® we connect them to the hospital.

The digital transformation is stopping at the health sector, especially in entertainment is a new movement. However, many of today's processes are still linear, one-dimensional, and unstructured. The triApp focuses on eliminating / optimizing manual and complex interactions and integrates the patient into the process in real time. The patient comfortably controls his needs. With the open architecture platform of the triApp® Bedside Service 2.0, we connect bring-your-own-device with the hospital infrastructure as well as our own devices.

Our approach supports you in digitization, accelerates internal processes and procedures and indirectly lowers internal costs. We support the patient with pre / after-stay information. The flow of data and the communication between patient and hospital enable comprehensive and efficient care and the nursing staff can concentrate on value-adding activities such as personal contact or advice. We support HL7 and FHIR.


  • alarm call / care call
  • Integrate external services (e.g. menu order)
  • Online shop (kiosk, flowers etc.)
  • gastro call (standard orders such as coffee) with feedback
  • Patient administration (cleaning, change ...)
  • Feedback / questionnaire


  • General information (kiosk, opening times, etc.)
  • Personalized information: Calendar
  • Personalized information: Billing
  • Pre-/After-Stay-Information
  • Tutorial (System)
  • Personalized information: Contact person Care Team
  • TV/Radio
  • Spotify
  • Tuneln
  • voice-communication
  • E-Newspaper
  • games
  • audio books
  • education / therapy videos
  • notes(Post-it)
  • Building technology
  • Hardware (bed, wheelchair)
  • Inhouse-Navigation
  • Data Hub (sensors, sleep data, pulse, etc.)

Demo access

Would you like to test the triApp live by yourself? Here you can get your demo access, which is valid for 48 hours. The demo site only supports the latest Firefox and Chrome versions.

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This is why our operating models can also be individually defined - based on proven competencies that can be built up modularly:

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