Next-level patient entertainment

Complete flexibility for everyone, whether a wall bracket or bedside table solution.

The triDevice is the next generation of patient entertainment solutions. Current and future requirements for new patient terminals are very broad and complex. They should support the bring your own device (BYOD) approach (flexible mounting of 10 - 14 inch tablets) but at the same time keep the option open for the hospital to offer its own devices to patients.

The power supply of the hospital’s own patient terminals, as well as BYOD, must be carried out cleanly and safely, and a reading light should also be included. The new patient terminal should also work without a device (iPad or android), especially for ‘nurse call button, reading light, room light’ functions. We have taken care of all these and many other functions and requirements in the latest generation.


The following functions are included as standard in the triDevice:

  • Basic function with keypad
  • Ethernet switch
  • POE+ in accordance with IEEE 802.3
  • Power & data transfer from client LAN switch via USB
  • RS485 with DC isolation
  • USB charger module for external devices such as mobile phones

The following functions are also available in the extended version:

  • WLAN Modul
  • Bluetooth Modul
  • Integrated search light
  • Motorised screen tilt, ideal for overhead use

The following options can be added at any time:

  • Barcode Scanner 2D
  • BAC-Net Stack
  • MQTT Stack

triDevice 360°

The ‘triDevice’ is the latest-generation patient device for use from hospital beds. It should support the bring your own device (BYOD) approach as well as the hospital’s own devices and integrate both cleanly and securely.

The triDevice brings together entertainment, room controls (lights, sun shades), catering and an emergency call button on a single platform. Thanks to the triApp, BLE communication and an ID scanner, the device works with mobile devices. It can be operated overhead and by those with disabilities.

It was the winner of the German Design Award 2022 in the categories ‘Excellent Product Design’ and ‘Medical Rehabilitation and Health Care’.

Modular and flexible

Implement your requirements modularly and flexibly in the triDevice.

Your contact person

Stefan Felber

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