The triNode connects room functions to the entertainment solution, whether that’s a BYOD, a high-end trinity, trimedia or a smart tablet.

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“When it comes to our choice of partner for entertainment, we have relied on trifact for almost 20 years. For us, trifact’s flexibility and service quality are essential characteristics that we expect from a partner. trifact understands our needs thanks to many years of collaboration and has brought new ideas and approaches to triNode.” Stephan Begert, Head of Technology and Security.

triNode® - the technical masterpiece

The first plug and play room controller available on the market for guest rooms and hospital rooms. A number of different room functions such as reading light, room light, window blind control and nurse call button can be controlled from the entertainment device. A single, compact controller manages and feeds all actuator interfaces in a room. This reduces the active, decentralized components in a room to a minimum.

The triNode makes it possible to perform simple troubleshooting directly on the unit without further devices such as a laptop or other smart devices.
In addition, DALI programming is automatic if a dimmer/ballast fails. The triNode is designed to be so simple, it can be replaced without needing an IT specialist.

Technical information

  • SMI interface incl. bus supply of PoE
  • For direct control of motors with standard motor interface
  • DALI master interface incl. bus supply of PoE
  • Connect up to 32 DALI devices
  • Device type 8 support (biodynamic light)

Button inputs and relays

  • Suitable for standard 230V buttons! The triNode inputs can be configured for 230V button types.
  • 2 potential free contacts (changeover switch) for local circuits
  • 1 potential free input for local feedback from external systems
  • Can be expanded to up to 18 relays

Other interfaces

  • RS485 Bus for integration of existing infrastructures with trifon and trimedia
  • MQTT interface for all actuators and sensors from the triNode
  • Power supply via PoE or the option for this to be local
  • Operation via touch panel on the triNode itself for rapid fault location
  • USB port for additional options
  • Optional Enocean transmitter for batteryless and wireless buttons, sensors and actuators


We would be happy to advise you on site to personally demonstrate the advantages of our triNode.

Your contact person

Stefan Felber

If that all sounds too technical, or you have questions, please get in touch!