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Welcome to our ‘Digital Health Showroom’

The showroom is located at our headquarters in Rothenburg and contains the leading products and services from the health sector. In cooperation with our sister company, axelion AG, as well as our partners, networked operations and smart process flows can be experienced in reality through full integration. Health for the hospital system or assisted living are united in one place and ready for workshops or simply for a tour. The showroom is constantly being expanded and other interesting products and offers from partners from the health environment are constantly being added.

Dive in and let us guide you through our showroom.

Our integrated partners

The unique Ascom Healthcare platform is based on three pillars: Integrate, Orchestrate and Enable. In addition, we offer solutions for communication and coordination systems for long-term care, care for the elderly and assisted living facilities.



axelion understands the challenges of digitalisation for long-term and acute care. Thanks to its broad-ranging experience in this field, axelion can offer us tailor-made solutions from a single source. From consulting on the topic of an overall IT strategy to a faultless WLAN network and residential call and alarm solutions; axelion reliably and expertly takes care of all concerns.


In spring 2020, we strengthened our collaboration with the aim of improving the integration between triApp and KISIM even further in order to provide greater support to patients and hospital staff in their day-to-day lives. With this step, the implementation of the ‘digital qualified patient call’ emerged from an initial workshop.


The number one Swiss partner when it comes to lighting for care and health. trifact and Derungs have a long-standing partnership. Our valuable cooperation has already allowed us to implement the most diverse and unusual projects.


In addition to operational efficiency, the solution also increases staff and patient satisfaction. Simple handling on the trifact terminals is also very much appreciated by patients. After a transfer, patients are immediately reachable again at the same number – and your staff are also immediately informed about the transfer and the new room number. In addition, the patient has an overview of their private billing for phone, TV, internet, restaurants, etc. at all times and can also use their chip card for payment in the restaurant or at the kiosk.


In our showroom, we have integrated the QUMEA sensor via triNode into the ascom nurse call system and can map/play through different scenarios.

QUMEA protects the patient in need of care and sends alerts when help is needed. The video shows two possible use cases that are covered by QUMEA.

  1. The video shows a patient sleeping restlessly, who subsequently sits up. The action ‘sit up’ triggers an initial warning on the caregiver’s device (call in the example on the ascom Myco 3 and visualised at the same time on the room light). This is a preventive message for the nursing staff, who can visit the patient BEFORE a possible fall. Optionally, a message can also be sent when the patient wakes up/becomes restless, or only when they get up.
  2. The second part of the video shows a patient fall. In this case, QUMEA triggers a direct alarm.


With the Samsung Health range, you can offer your patients the level of entertainment they want.


The coronavirus pandemic provided a lot of food for thought, brought the topic of hygiene into focus more than ever before and therefore also increased the demand for hygienic entertainment solutions for patients, residents and guests. A real push towards digitalisation followed in order to be able to do justice to the hygiene aspect.

sharemagazines offers an individual reading experience with a digital magazine subscription service and more than 600 national and international newspapers and magazines – hygienic and sustainable. The digital service means that no printed journals or magazines are shared or passed around, so that physical contact with other people can be avoided. The latest newspapers and new magazines are added to the portfolio practically every week. In our showroom, sharemagazines is fully integrated via our triApp, without the need to register or enter personal data.

Below are two possible use cases of how we have integrated sharemagazines:

  1. At the bedside, patients can access sharemagazines via the trinity patient terminal and read their newspapers and magazines of choice.
  2. With the triDevice, either the hospital itself provides a tablet or the patient brings their own device (BYOD). The triDevice with the triApp allows patients to read a magazine on the tablet on the patio or in a lounge area.


Through our partnership with Swisscom Broadcast, we deliver TV and radio signal directly to you, whether via your tablet or TV.

A bed is more than just a bed. The care bed is a crucial point of care, where the person being cared for spends most of their time. In our showroom in Rothenburg, we have ‘cognified’ (implanted intelligence into) the Völker bed. In combination with the sensor from QUMEA, the time, room darkness and the triNode, completely new application possibilities have emerged.

Below are three possible use cases shown in the Video:

  1. The ceiling-mounted QUMEA sensor detects the patient’s movements in bed. QUMEA detects that the patient has sat up and may want to get up in the dark. For prophylactic support, the under-bed lighting comes on and the bed moves to a lower position, which makes it easier to get out of bed. The communication between QUMEA and the Völker bed takes place via the IoT approach MQTT Broker.
  2. The second use case demonstrates the integration of the triApp and the Völker bed. We modified the bed control ourselves and the commands from the triApp reach the bed via MQTT Broker, as in the first case.

  3. The final part of the video shows how the triNode technical service can check fault messages without using further devices, such as a laptop or similar.



WAREMA Renkhoff SE is a leading European manufacturer of technical products for sun protection, blackout and other products.

In combination with the patient terminal trinity and the smart room controller triNode, the shading solution with SMI motor from WAREMA can be conveniently controlled from the patient’s bed.


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