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Smart, interactive and proven patient media terminals are at the heart of every trifact solution. With an authentication medium of your choice, we identify your patients directly on the device. Our solutions manage the digital data flows and present them in a suitable form. In addition to phone and media use, they make it possible to control the room infrastructure (nurse call, reading light, blinds, etc.) and of course they bill you for private use.

Our speciality is seamless integration into existing systems. Benefit from over 20 years of experience. The trifact system is modular, so you can choose exactly what you need - neither more nor less.

What you can expect from us

Our sales consultant is also your project manager. He is where all the threads come together. Behind him is our team of experts, which can be deployed as needed. That's why he won't promise you the moon, because he would have to pay for it himself afterwards. No, you will be thoroughly advised so that together we can find the solution that perfectly meets all requirements - including the financial ones.

Trifact sees itself as a partner that enters into a long-term relationship with its customers. We develop solutions tailored to you. We make sure that problems do not arise in the first place. We are always there when you need us.

We install devices by connecting them to your existing system, whether that’s through hardware or software. Of course, we also lay cables, install sockets, network the whole thing and test the systems until they run flawlessly. With trifact, you can count on holistic execution of all necessary tasks.

As hardware and software experts, we maintain your systems holistically. Our vast experience in troubleshooting and optimisation guarantees you quick solutions to urgent problems. We will also drop everything if we need to, so that you can continue with your work.



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