Klinik Seeschau

As a long-standing trifact customer, Klinik Seeschau relied on trinity (2nd generation) and the old front end until the start of the project. On the part of the clinic, a comprehensive approach was taken to eliminate manual paper-based processes and strive for complete automation. The focus was not only on digitization and automation for the benefit of patients, but also for staff. Special attention was paid to the gastronomic area as well as the expansion of the entertainment offer. Klinik Seeschau attaches great importance to personal contact with patients, especially in the catering area.

The project was demanding overall and required the consideration of various aspects to ensure a smooth and effective integration. A direct integration was created, in which the gastronomic products are now read directly from SAP. Billing is done via triApp 2.0 in INES HIS, which is used as the ALIS concentrator. From there, an ALIS file is sent to SAP. A particularly large amount of time was invested in thorough requirements management, as well as the development of interfaces and communication with third parties. In the end, these efforts paid off positively for the entire project.

After the trinity hardware upgrade, triApp 2.0 was successfully implemented in the clinic. In close cooperation with the customer and Jeroen de Gier from Fresh Mind GmbH,  the exact service functions were defined in workshops. After the development of the interfaces, a pilot installation took place to thoroughly test the functionality and services of the system. Various scenarios and use cases were simulated in order to identify and eliminate possible errors or weak points at an early stage.

The retrofit took place during ongoing operations, and careful planning and coordination were essential to ensure a smooth process.

Parallel to the launch of the new triApp, triBell was successfully integrated and installed on Samsung tablets. This innovative solution aims to optimize workflows for catering staff. It enables the replacement of traditional, paper-based processes and contributes to a seamless organization.

Particularly noteworthy is the automatic billing function, which is triggered immediately after an order is placed. This function not only saves time, but also increases the flexibility of the employees. In addition, notifications for service requests from the hotel industry are now sent directly to the right place thanks to the link with triBell. In this way, the previous manual path is taken more efficiently.

This created a stable foundation for the project and enabled significant progress to be made towards comprehensive digitization and automation.

Feedback from the customer after two months:

Dear trifact team

By implementing the new solutions, we were able to optimize our workflows and achieve positive results.

Our internal analysis showed that we now have about half an hour to an hour more each day for direct patient care. This enables us to provide them with even more comprehensive support. In particular, we were able to achieve significant time gains in the discharge process. Previously, administrative patient care at the discharge interview required considerable effort. Now, a simple push of a button is all it takes to generate the invoice. This automation has sped up the process considerably.

Our main focus was to harmonize ordering and billing processes and to offer our employees a pleasant and cool workplace without time-consuming manual tasks, in this sense our expectations were exceeded.

We are extremely satisfied with the results and would like to thank you for the cooperation. Your products and services have exceeded our expectations and helped us to serve our patients even better. We look forward to a continued successful partnership.

Sincerely yours,

Philipp Juchli, Head of Patient Administration Klinik Seeschau